Non-bank installment loans via the Internet from PLN 1000 to PLN 20,000 zł

Non-bank installment loans via the Internet are currently offered by several loan companies on the internet, and the offer is still growing. Nevertheless, such non-bank installment loans are not the cheapest. A non-banking online loan is offered in around 12 loan companies. In contrast to payday loans, which are short-term loans, non-bank loans in installments […]

Where to Get Cheap Cash Loan in the Bank? | Banks and the Latest Loans

Where to get a cheap cash loan? Where for a loan or a loan, that is the sixth questionnaire results regarding where and how we borrow. We will find an answer to where we are looking for additional cash for expenses that we can not finance with savings. What is the choice? Bank or loan […]

How the scoring affects you when you ask for a payday loan

If you have ever asked for a loan, you have heard the expression scoring or credit scoring. But what exactly is scoring? To what extent does it affect me when I ask for a loan? In this article we will clarify all your doubts. Scoring is nothing more than a computer program that helps banks make decisions about their clients’ risk. It […]